Thursday, April 21, 2011

Inspirational Sarcasm

I always wondered if there was someone out there who thought the way I did. My inner monologue is beyond sarcastic. Half of the time, I figure if I put it on paper, people will think I'm a huge jerk. I now know that there is someone who thinks the way I do.....

Just got back from seeing David Sedaris live. He was absolutely amazing. I was laughing hysterically.... crying actual tears. He has inspired me, not only to continue writing on a regular basis, but to stay true to my own sarcastic, cynical self.

Get these, RIGHT NOW....

Wait... THE BOOK OF LIZ?!@#! He even wrote a play about me. Amazing.

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Stephanie Rose said... there are others like me. If there were one word to describe me, Cynical would probably fit quite well. My husband often says that I should not share my thoughts out loud with everyone...people are starting to think I "might" be mean. :D glad you're brave enough to have a blog about it. I just expose myself (my words...not actually "myself" - that would be creepy and probably frightening to some) to those I see on a daily basis.