Friday, December 14, 2012

Newtown Shooting

Days like today make me feel selfish in my desire to one day have children. It makes me feel like I'd be doing a disservice to a child to bring him or her into a world where you can't play in your front yard without the fear of being abducted. You can't go to a Batman movie without fearing a shooter in full body armor coming in through the exit with an assault weapon. You can't send that child to kindergarten without the fear that you may never again see your baby.

I want children someday, but is it responsible or am I fulfilling my own selfish maternal need to feel complete?

My condolences to everyone affected by the horrific tragedy today.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Potty Humor

I often wonder if the people who make automatic flushing toilets determine specific flush settings like: 

-Gentle Spray
-Projectile Jet Stream
-Shamu Splash Zone

There's nothing like having to shove yourself into the stall door to avoid pee water.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Big Brothers Big Sisters and my five chins.

Despite the fact that I'm the least photogenic human on Earth (and I hope I don't REALLY look like this in person), I'm sharing with everyone the spots we shot a couple weekends ago. They'll be airing locally on PBS and on a few cable stations. Hope to encourage some of you to volunteer. :) <----The 60 second spot. <----The 30 second spot.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Three essential truths

1. Removing a strapless bra after a long day feels better than most everything. It's like removing a vice grip from your ribcage. Be free, boobs, be free!

2. Sand will ALWAYS find it's way into your lip gloss cap. Always.

3. If you're looking for proof that our education system is failing us, you need only listen to the late night dedications on a hip hop radio station.

Have a good day. :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shooting in Aurora

I'm angry. I'm really, truly, incredibly, thoroughly angry.

The shooting at the Batman premiere in Aurora, Colorado has me absolutely seething. I don't live in Aurora, I don't personally know anyone shot or killed in Aurora, but I'm furious. For many reasons, my heart is broken, and my chest clenches up when I think of this atrocity.

I'm angry because this could have happened to any one of us. It happened in Aurora, but it could have happened in Anytown, USA. The facade of Century 16 is almost identical to Albuquerque's Century 24, where I see virtually all of my movies. This movie is an attraction I could have easily attended with my teenage siblings. We go to midnight premieres for exciting movies all the time. I could have been one of the unsuspecting people in the theater that night, and I probably wouldn't have made it out alive. I am, by nature, an incredibly protective big sister, and no doubt would have jumped on top of my siblings - not out of a desire for heroism, but out of pure mama bear instinct. I'm gripped with fear when I think of other sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, boyfriends, girlfriends, and children just like me who had to make the decision to play dead or to run, to leave a friend bleeding or to stay and apply pressure to the wound amongst gunfire and screams from the injured.

The movies are meant to be a form of escape. One man tried to take away the one place we still feel safe. We live in a society full of exhausted, over worked, overly media exposed people reeling from one of the worst economies since the Great Depression. My generation, especially, is dealing with a situation unlike what our parents and grandparents knew. It's less safe than ever and we're more exposed to the constant violence via 24 hour news stations and immediate news from Twitter feeds. Mass shootings are still horrific, but they're becoming more normal. Normal in the sense that we have seen them happen over and over, we're horrified every time, and yet we forget how it feels when the next senseless tragedy hits the news station.

I understand that for many now is not the time to discuss gun control, and I agree. The time to discuss gun control is long past, and LONG overdue. I know the many of the victims and the victims' families don't want to have the gun control talk now because they're in the midst of grieving and recovery, however the rest of us need to talk about it because our society is one based on immediacy. We have such a small window before the news stations leave Aurora and start focusing on the next celebrity divorce.

 How can anyone, honestly, look at this situation and believe that our gun laws are sound? With this said, I'm all for the right to bear arms to defend yourself. I believe it's a right we should have, especially in a world with such violence. I'll tell you right now that my grandmother would not hesitate to use her tiny handgun to shoot an intruder or an attacker in our home, and I would back her up full force. HOWEVER, I'm not talking about taking away the right to bear arms. I'm talking about gun control.

How is it that I'm unable to buy Sudafed D without having to show an ID, getting tracked in a computer system, and promising my first born child, yet someone with clear mental issues (although, I do not believe he was too unstable to know right from wrong, and should be held fully accountable for his actions) was able to purchase an assault rifle, a glock, a shotgun, a 100 round drum magazine, 6000 rounds of ammo, a gas mask, ballistic leggings, a bullet proof vest, a throat protector and a groin protector and no one was the wiser? Not to mention everything it's taken to fully booby-trap his apartment, including chemicals, explosives, incendiary devices, etc.

There have to be changes in how guns are distributed and sold in our country. I understand that people will say that a criminal will find a way, but why not make it a bit more difficult? This coward (I refuse to use his name because he doesn't deserve the attention) was able to LEGALLY purchase his arsenal, without anyone knowing, tracking him or being red-flagged. Why does ANYONE need an assault rifle outside of a war zone? It's very name makes it known that it's meant for ASSAULT. Who needs a 100-round drum magazine, outside of a war zone? I can't imagine hunters need it. If you need 100 rounds to be fired in under 60 seconds, you might be the worst hunter on earth. Time for a new hobby.

It's easy to say that guns don't kill people, people kill people... until someone you know (three in my case) is killed by a person with a gun. The reality is that mass shooters come in all shapes, sizes, and mental competencies - but the common denominator is the gun.

You may think I'm some hippie pacifist who doesn't understand. Look, I've shot guns. I learned to shoot a rifle with my uncle at the age of 6, at our cabin in the mountains. I shot some surly looking soda cans. I even learned to shoot much larger guns at a range with a host family two years ago. The father was a former police officer.  I get the appeal, however, a few enjoyable moments of shooting bowling pins and targets doesn't make me think that we're better off with such open access to guns. We're required to attend classes, take tests, be monitored by a driving instructor and register with the state for a permit, provisional and license in order to drive a car. A car might kill you going 100mph, a bullet at 800.

Another argument is that even in Norway, where guns aren't prevalent, there was a horrible mass killing last year. Yes. There was. No denying it. However, were they not horribly shocked, because generally their country is not a violent one? When was the last time we were generally shocked to hear of a shooting? We come to expect them every now and again. Why not try to curb the violence? Why not bring SOME control to an industry that is wildly out of control?

With all of this said, I want to mention how incredibly proud I am of all of the people who came to eachother's aid during this shooting. There were boyfriends who lost their lives protecting their girlfriends. There were friends jumping on top of friends, refusing to leave their side. There were strangers helping to save families. Service members who dragged out the body of their friend, because you never leave a man down.  THIS is what needs to be remembered. THIS is who we really are. We cannot allow one coward with stupid hair to represent human nature.

I'm so proud of the police in Aurora for showing up so quickly, in an orderly fashion, and even taking people in their squad cars to hospitals, knowing that it was a necessary step, and they could not wait for ambulances. Their police Chief Oates did an incredible job informing the public, and even showing his pride for his team.

I'm proud of our politicians for taking a break on the ridiculous campaign antics, and focusing on the victims.

I'm proud of people like Jordan Ghawi, who lost his sister Jessica, for being such a strong pillar for his family and an advocate for all of the victims' families. I'm proud of him for ASKING that the coward's name not be used in broadcasts. He even asked the President of the United States of America NOT to use the coward's name. That's strength. The same goes for Alex Teves' father, Tom, who came to the coward's arraignment, sat in the front row, and stared him down.

I'm proud of various media, namely Anderson Cooper, for truly sticking by their word, and not using the coward's name in their broadcasts.

I'm proud of Aurora for coming together in a time of great sorrow, and representing Colorado well.

I'm so incredibly sorry for the loss of lives, and for the people who have a long recovery ahead of them - but in tragedies like this one, where one person can bring evil onto so many others - I'm uplifted at the thought of how much love can be shown within a community. <3

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Are you kidding me?

I'm almost certain that Blake Shelton is trying to play a prank on America by having this RaeLynn girl on his team. It has to be a joke, right? At her best, she's like a 4 year old in a tutu screaming at mommy to watch her sing. Every time she opens her mouth to sing (or speak, for that matter), I'm appalled at how ridiculous it sounds. Am I the only one in America who is hearing this? Good GOD.

Update: She's gone. Praise Blakus!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The world lost another good man tonight....

I'm genuinely saddened by the loss of a friend tonight. Patrick Grange was a lover and a fighter. He was kind, funny and always the life of the party.  Pat was diagnosed at 28, and fought ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) for less than two years, passing late this afternoon.

I had the pleasure of meeting Pat through my best friend. They played on the same soccer team, and it was immediately apparent how good Pat was. He had a real grace and ease about him on the soccer field. Aside from all the flowery talk, he was an incredibly good looking guy. He commanded attention on and off the field. He was fun, and we'd go out for drinks together as a group. He would laugh off jokes about how nice his legs were, as they were insanely muscular and covered in black hair. He had no problem poking fun at himself, and being completely self-deprecating. He had a great sense of humor, and showed it off many times with his Halloween costumes. Even last year, when (in a wheelchair) he dressed as Lieutenant Dan to his brother's Forrest Gump.

I later ended up in a few college courses with Pat, and sat behind him in one. We would talk, roll eyes at the professor (gasp, never!), and do group work together. It was great to get to know him outside of the downtown bar scene. I'm glad to have known him as a fun party animal AND an intelligent academic.

As many times as I've been around Pat, I've never seen him without a smile. I'm going to remember that about him.

Pat was diagnosed with ALS, and it took him over so quickly. It was really hard to watch one of the most athletic guys I know affected by a disease that essentially takes your body from you. The amazing thing, though, is that it didn't steal his spirit. Pat remained Pat until the end.  Although, I hadn't seen Pat much in the last few years, I kept tabs on how he was doing. I chose to keep a bit of distance, while still attending fundraising events, and sending him the occasional message to let him know I was thinking of him. I didn't want to take away any time from his close friends and family (which he had many), as their time with him was limited. I'm sorry that I didn't take the chance to tell him how much I admire his strength and continued sense of humor throughout this ordeal. He was much too young to leave this Earth so soon.

I've seen so many people I love affected by ALS this year. My roommate and her sister recently lost their stepdad, Benny, to ALS. Now...Pat. I can say with all sincerity that I would like to kick ALS squarely in the balls. (Sorry, Mamie!)

In the end, I hope that Pat went peacefully, and in some way, on his own terms. ALS takes from you so many things that we take for granted every single day. This loss reminds me that when you have your health, you have so much more than you realize. I have no reason to feel like I can't get out of bed, or that I can't get up and do something... anything. I have the ability, and shouldn't waste it. I've been complaining about turning 30 this week, but at least I had the chance to turn 30. Thanks to Pat (and the other friends and family I've lost too soon), I'll remember not to take this life for granted.

Rest in peace, Pat. I'm sure you're up there scoring goals, wearing crazy Halloween costumes and laughing when the angels tease you about your legs. Say hey to Benny.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Things I could do without on this season of The Bachelor

Look, I know that it's ridiculous to watch The Bachelor, but since I have no shame, I don't care.

On to the list of things I could do without on this season of The Bachelor:

1. Courtney - She's rude, makes bunny faces and speaks in a baby voice. Pure evil.

2. Ben's hair - Really. It's horrible.

3. Lindzi's middle part - Perhaps it's why her hair is ALWAYS in her face.

4. Ben's obvious distaste for most of the women. How many closed mouth kisses and dead eyed stares can these girls receive before realizing he's just not that into them?

5. Girls who say, "I didn't come here to make friends." Well, gee, thanks for telling us the obvious. We all know why you came on the show, but it doesn't mean you can't be reasonably nice to people. THIS MEANS YOU, EVIL COURTNEY. I find this to be a tired excuse for mean people to be mean.

6. The misuse of the pronoun "I." "Ben and I's date was great." INCORRECT. I's is not a word, thank you. Why does everyone on The Bachelor think that if they replace "me" with "I" that they're correct? It's always people who think they're correct simply because they've used "I" in a sentence, who don't know how to use it properly at all. Has anyone heard of subject and predicate? This isn't season specific, it's like a plague on the entire show.

7. Analogies, similes and metaphors about inanimate objects, and how they relate to love.
"We walked by an old wall. The old wall was just like love because it has to be strong and last forever."
"Repelling off of this cliff is just like falling in love because you have to take a leap of faith and hold on to each other for dear life."
"The ocean is just like love because it's deep and infinite."
"Picking out a pair of boots is just like picking out a life partner, they have to be a perfect fit."

Honestly, who writes this stuff?

Ben gets sleazier with every episode, and once he picks Courtney (which I think he'll do), America will be done with him.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back in action

My dear readers, I left you for a while. I hope that I haven't given any of you abandonment issues. It's more likely that you didn't notice my absence, which is fine too.

My plan is to become more active again, as I hope to have more to say. I've got plenty of pop culture commentary bottled in my head, so be prepared.

Let this be a warning to you. I will be writing, and you will be reading. Hopefully both statements are true.

Back again soon.