Monday, May 16, 2011

Urgent Care, Birthday Parties and Candlesticks...


Well, my dear readers... the last week has been a crazy one. I apologize for my lack of posts. I have a small project to show you, and some stories to tell.

"We are unattractive, oui?"
I'll start off with the candlesticks, I suppose. While on a search for furniture at thrift stores, I decided to visit the Animal Humane Thrift Store. Not only do I love good prices, and finding little treasures, but I'm a huge nonprofit fan. I like knowing that my money is going to a good cause. I adopted my little beasty, Bailey, from a similar place. I bought a couple things.... a frame or two, because I can't help myself, a cute (actually, it was really ugly before I painted it) wall hook and a pair of ugly, dark wood candlesticks. I had a plan to make these candlesticks worthy of Lumiere's attention, feather dusters be damned. Honestly, these sat in the garage for a long time. I go through phases of wanting to do things, and not wanting to do anything at all. I decided not to prime them, because I wanted to make them look very aged. I had a little bit of Rustoleum Heirloom White leftover from El Table de Chevron. I gave them a couple of coats, since I wanted to make that ugly brown wood disappear. I gave them both a good sand down, considered glazing them, but didn't.  I think they turned out beachy and cute. A nice, little addition to our new dining room table. Don't you think? I bought the two blue printed damask candles from The Shabby Chic Cottage. Love them. They're a bit too small, so they look a little wonky, but I'm considering using the hot glue gun to get them to stand upright. That's how I roll. You look at me crooked, I hot glue you. Mess with me, I dare you.

Lumiere would totally have a creepy French affair with these babes.

As for the birthday party story... don't worry, you didn't miss out on telling me Happy Birthday.... Mine was in April. Wait, so maybe you did miss out. JERKS!

My friend from Up with People, Anthony, had his birthday last week, and I offered up my house as a location. I think I feel obligated to open up my home at all times, because I spent so many nights in host families homes. His mom bought pizza, cake and ice cream, and he invited about 10 or 15 of his friends and coworkers. Good times. Any night that involves pizza and the book, All My Friends Are Dead, is a good night. If you haven't seen this book before, and you enjoy my sense of humor, you will love this book. I think it's absolutely hilarious. If you have no sense of humor at all, you might think this book is depressing and morbid. You would be so wrong. HI-LARIOUS. I want to hug the people who wrote and illustrated this book.

So the Urgent Care story is nowhere near as interesting as I wanted it to be. The last time I went to the Emergency Room with my grandmother, it was amazing. I'm talking crazy people and yelling. In fact, a man who was VERY drunk decided it was a good time to run around outside while stripping naked. He got entirely naked before the police arrived. My grandmother was completely entertained, as was I. Unfortunately, this trip to Urgent Care was not even close to that awesome. I woke up with stabbing pains in my ear, throat and where my wisdom tooth used to be, all on the left side of my face. I've been having what I figured was really bad allergies for a while now... apparently, it was more serious. I went online, as I have a new insurance provider, to find an Urgent Care. I drove across town, and picked up my grandmother on the way. (She insists on going to the doctor with me, just like I insist on going with her)...I walked in to find that even though the website had it listed, and it still had signs throughout the hallways, there was no Urgent Care. I used my handy dandy iPhone (aka the love of my life) to find another location. I had to call two before I found one that was open on the weekend. Drove BACK across town, it was, literally, two minutes or less from my home.... le sigh. Waited for three hours, while my grandmother and I got to watch the ENTIRE movie, 102 Dalmations AND some college gymnastics. Her commentary included judgments about two different mothers in the room, and how they treated their children. Mine included winces of pain, groans, comments about Glenn Close being in Up with People, and cries of horror when I realized that all the gymnasts were covered in dancer makeup and glitter. All I know is that my gymnastics coaches would have smacked me upside the head for that. When did gymnasts start looking like pageant toddlers? Turns out, I've got a sinus infection, which pretty much feels like I'm being punched in the face 90% of the time. Pleasant. The doctor wasn't sure during the five minutes he actually saw me, which sort of "cillin" to give me. I'm fairly certain I changed his mind to Amoxicillin. He also prescribed me some sort of nasal spray, which I find horrible. I can barely swim underwater without plugging my nose. This spray feels like Old Faithful erupting up my nostrils. Whatever. I just want this sinus business DONE with. 

I still have the tables I bought sitting in the garage looking like a drippy mess, and I hope to get to those soon. When I have the energy to get nuts on those tables, you, my friends, will know. 

<3 Liz


Kathy said...

The candlesticks look great, and really nice with that great table! Sorry about the sinus infection, they can be pretty nasty! Feel better!

Mbini said...

Hey, love the French candlesticks. I have a French weakness. Get well.

Karima said...

Hi from your newest facebook and google follower/s via blog frog, Karima from

Katherines Corner said...

Love the candlesticks. Hope you're feeling better.Happy Friday. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Please stop by my blog I'm having a great giveaway. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh...sinus infections are so painful I am wincing just thinking about it. Hope you feel much better real soon!!!

cajunlicious said...

Hi! Following you from the All Week blog hop! I Hope you visit my Cajun blog and return the follow!
- Jessica @

Cher Cabula said...

Hello, thank you for replying to my thread at the Lady Blogger's Society.I've just visited your blog and wrote about it in this post. I hope you find time to visit. :)